New Project: Parkwood Building, Kent Union

As part of Kent Union’s ongoing efforts to improve student social space, we will be providing a new two storey building on the site of the old Parkwood shop and Woody’s bar complex.

The new building will feature a raft of different social spaces for students, including:

  • A new convenience shop to replace the current offering
  • A new bar/cafe replacing the ‘Woody’s bar’
  • Social / study spaces
  • IT / Study hub
  • Dance studios and activity spaces
  • A mini ‘high street’ for student services

The scheme is being delivered using a partial SIPs solution, a solution also used on the previous Oaks Nursery scheme for Kent Union.

Logistics will play a key role in the scheme as access to the existing Essentials shop building will need to be maintained.

The project is due to be open in April 2018, in time for the summer semester.