Sandgate Students Rewarded for Artistry

Back in the Summer, in partnership with Shepway District Council, we invited 30 Sandgate Primary School students to create some colourful paintings for our Military Road Site Hoardings. They did not disappoint, creating all manner of fun creations under the theme of ‘My Dream Home’. These were installed onto the hoardings in July and when asked, many of the students had been to visit their artwork on display over the summer and also seen the 41 new homes taking shape on the site.

We returned to Sandgate Primary School this week to reward the artists and the school for their hard work, presenting them with a cheque for £200, generously donated by Shepway District Council, to continue their artistic development. The students were delighted with the news and were thrilled to receive the cheque from Cllr Ewart-James and Adrian Hammond along with a ‘Thank You’ card.

We’d like to thank Sandagte Primary School again for all their hard work in creating the paintings and hope they have fun creating more fantastic artwork with their reward.